Do you want a portrait?

The portrait is painted on Fabriano cardboard by special 6b pencil and fixed by a special fixer.

The portrait’s sizes are :

– single portrait (one person)   30 x 40 cm

– double portrait (two persons) 40 x 50 cm

The portrait’s prices are :

– 80 € single portrait

– 100 € double portrait

(shipping charges to add)

To order a portrait , please , send us :

  1. An email with the photo to portray attached.
  2. Terms of payment and shipment.

We’ll take care to inform you about delivery time of your portrait up to artist’s availability.

Payment (portrait’s price + shipping charges) to be effected only when confirmation of the order is given by the artist.

When the portrait is ready for delivery , we’ll give you the tracking code to follow shipment.